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Color Clash: Techno Tilt have been featured on several web pages during the last week. Checkout the list below!

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Always fun to read about your own creation. Hoping for a few more reviews though.
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New game in the making

Sweden is cold and the roads are very slippery this time of the year. We are now working on a new game with the project name – Ice World. It will require a lot less brain activity than Color Clash and a lot more shaking and screaming.

Color Clash Lite now in App Store!

Get the Lite version of Color Clash and try the game out!
Lite version

Color Clash: Techno Tilt now available on App Store!

Color Clash: Techno Tilt is finally available on App Store for only $0.99!

Get it here!


Color Clash 1.11

Another window release for Color Clash! In this version we have made some efforts to make the windows version more similar to the iPhone version. This means different color schemes every fifth level, new menu music and some level tweaks.

Download here


Color Clash: Techno Tilt soon available in App Store!

A lot has happened during the last few days.

First of all the PC version has been updated a lot of times. Many new levels have been added, the difficulty curve has been tweaked, new music has been added and sound options has finally been implemented.

But we have even bigger news. Yesterday we finished the iPhone version of the game!
Color Clash: Techno Tilt for iPhone will soon be available in App Store. It will contain 75 levels spread across 15 worlds.

Watch a clip of Color Clash played on iPhone.

Color Clash: Techno Tilt on the iPhone


Color Clash 1.8

Things are moving fast now! I just uploaded version 1.8 of Color Clash. In this version we’ve added options to enable/disable sounds and music. There are also fixes for some of the levels.

Download here

EDIT: A little too fast maybe. There were a bug in 1.8 that made the level “tango” impossible. I’ve now released 1.9 with that bug fixed.

Color Clash 1.6 Released!!!

I just uploaded Color Clash 1.6! This release brings lots of new levels, some bug fixes and a better bloom effect. Head over to the Color Clash Page to get your copy now!

We have a Mac!

Today we finally got our hands on a mac! We spent the day digging into xcode and objective c (that syntax sure is weird, but we are getting there). The plan is to start develop Color Clash for iPhone as soon as the new working environment starts to get a little clearer. We looked into openGL for iOS and we can already see a a cool neon light at the end of the tunnel.

Gnijt guys and gals!

Color Clash: Techno Tilt Version 1.5 Released

New minor release is out. This version lets everyone play the game even when their drivers have no support for bloom. Playing the game without bloom is probably less rewarding (and navigating the menu can get a little tricky) but we believe it is better to play without bloom than not play it at all.

Head over to the Color Clash page to grab the new version.