Ice World

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Ice World

Ice World for iPhone

Evil yetis are attacking!

Protect the cute eskimo girl from a horrible faith by shaking your phone to hit the yetis with falling icicles. Scream and blow into the microphone to unleash the power of the mountain! Ice World is all about timing, powerup management and a whole lot of screaming and shaking. [More info]


  • Scream with a deep voice into the mic to trigger an avalanche!
  • Blow into the mic to trigger ultra freeze!
  • Action filled gameplay, specifically designed for the iPhone!
  • Retina display with crisp animations!
  • Catchy music and fun sound effects by Christoffer Weidmar!
  • Multiple levels and yetis. Score multiplier and cool chain announcements!
  • Post your scores with the integrated Facebook feature. FB friend ranking and global ranking!




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Programmer: Jonatan Wulcan
Graphics/Game Design: Björn Olsson
Music/Sound: Christoffer Weidmar
PHP/SQL: Elias Wulcan

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