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Color Clash: Techno Touch gets a major face lift! And is now FREE!

Hi! We just released a major update for Color Clash! Try it out! The Lite version is now the full version so the game is free if you want to! Check out the new tutorial!

Finger Biter available on appstore for FREE!

Yes it sure is! No ads and zero $! Head over here to grab Finger Biter!

Ice world is finally available on app store!

Ice world is finally accepted and available on app store! Writing a press release is HARD It ended up like this: Gamers Delight releases casual iPhone game that will make you scream … and shake and blow. Ice World is a casual score collecting game specifically designed for the iPhone. The player interacts with the [...]

Color Clash Lite now in App Store!

Get the Lite version of Color Clash and try the game out! Lite version

Color Clash 1.11

Another window release for Color Clash! In this version we have made some efforts to make the windows version more similar to the iPhone version. This means different color schemes every fifth level, new menu music and some level tweaks. Download here Enjoy!