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Ice World project status.

Hi folks, Our current game project “Ice World” (casual iphone game with a twist) is shaping up and during the last few days much has happened. We have a playable game at the moment but still there is a lot of tweaking left and there is still quite much to do with the menu and [...]

New game in the making

Sweden is cold and the roads are very slippery this time of the year. We are now working on a new game with the project name – Ice World. It will require a lot less brain activity than Color Clash and a lot more shaking and screaming.

We have a Mac!

Today we finally got our hands on a mac! We spent the day digging into xcode and objective c (that syntax sure is weird, but we are getting there). The plan is to start develop Color Clash for iPhone as soon as the new working environment starts to get a little clearer. We looked into [...]