Color Clash: Techno Touch gets a major face lift! And is now FREE!

We just released a major update for Color Clash! Try it out!
The Lite version is now the full version so the game is free if you want to! :)

Check out the new tutorial!

Finger Biter available on appstore for FREE!

Yes it sure is! No ads and zero $! Head over here to grab Finger Biter!

Finger Biter finished!

In a few days Finger Biter will be available on AppStore for FREE! Yay!
Finger Biter!

Finger Biter! (new game)

We just started with a new game for iPhone and things are moving really quick. Game logic and most of the graphics finished in less than 3 days. We will probably release this one for free. Its called Finger Biter and revolves around a monster, your finger, and lots of blood. Here’s two early pics!


Ice world is finally available on app store!

Ice world is finally accepted and available on app store! Writing a press release is HARD :)
It ended up like this:

Gamers Delight releases casual iPhone game that will make you scream … and shake and blow.

Ice World is a casual score collecting game specifically designed for the iPhone. The player interacts with the game solely by voice and shaking the phone. The goal of the game is to protect a cute eskimo girl from a never-ending horde of yetis by shaking down icicles on their heads and triggering powerups by screaming and blowing. Highscores can be uploaded online and are integrated with Facebook for easy competition among friends.

•       Trigger an avalanche powerup by screaming with a deep voice into the mic.
•       Blow into the mic to trigger an ultra freeze powerup.
•       Score multiplier and chain announcements.
•       Post your scores with the integrated Facebook feature. FB friend ranking and global ranking.

“Ice World” is now available on the Apple App Store for $0.99.

About Gamers Delight
Gamers Delight is a small swedish game development studio established in 2010. The studio consist of a small circle of friends who develop games on their spare time. So far the target platforms have been iDevices and the PC. Gamers Delight is not just another copy-cat developer but instead strives to create original games with novel mechanics.

New Ice World Trailer!

Checkout the new trailer for Ice World! Special thx to Emma and Martin!

Ice World – Help

Hi everybody! Here’s a few pictures to help you understand the basics of Ice World.

Pro tips!

  • The score multiplier is located under your scores on the top right side of the screen. As long as you keep getting chains you will increase your multiplier.
  • Failing to get a chain during a shake or using the avalanche powerup will reset your score multiplier to one.
  • Using the ultra freeze powerup will NOT reset your score multiplier.

Thats all! Have fun!


Introduction video for Iceworld!

Check out our introduction video for our upcoming iPhone game, Iceworld! You gotta love it! :)


TIGSource Versus Competition!

Today its deadline for TIGSource Versus Competition. I’ve had some time to kill this last month so I’ve posted 2 entries in the compo. The one that I’m most satisfied with is Macig the Gambling, a card game inspired by Magic.
Read the TIGSource post and check out the compo!

Some of the cards!

Ice World project status.

Hi folks,

Our current game project “Ice World” (casual iphone game with a twist) is shaping up and during the last few days much has happened. We have a playable game at the moment but still there is a lot of tweaking left and there is still quite much to do with the menu and the highscore-socialnetwork integration. We also need a catchy tune for the game. Here’s two early screens from the game (the look can still change some before the release).